It was very therapeutic to write the collection, giving me a sense of purpose and an outlet to say what I had to say. As well as this I gained a sense of success and completion, just reading over my own creations and eventually having them accepted for publication.
My journey over the past two years has been both internal and external, engaging in supported employment and being in the outdoors. I'm not educated to a high level, but decided that I had at least some talent for the arts and enough words in my vocabulary to express myself.
Sometimes it can be hard to consider your own ideas to be worth anything, or to feel you are any good at anything at all. For this reason I've tried to draw attention to some of the organisations who have given me support to overcome my lack of confidence and would like to give them a big thank you. Many of them are local either to Edinburgh or Scotland, but there are usually facilities of this kind in most areas and if there isn't - then start one or campaign for it.
There is no medical advice on this site or in the book and it is not a helpline. However, on the links page I have listed a number of support organisations, including helplines.
Chipmunkapublishing's mission is to educate a wider audience about mental illness and to give a voice to those affected by it.

The purpose of this website is essentially to advertise my collection of poems titled 'My Schizo-affective Garden of Eden, published by It is a kind of mood diary, written over the course of a year, when I was experiencing mental health problems. It is also an appreciation of life and nature and hopefully a way to encourage people to use their creativity to help them cope with ill health and negative emotions.